Founded by internet entrepreneur Frank Schilling more than a decade ago, NAMedia is one of the largest domain name acquisition and management companies on the Web. We specialize in premium generic names, and organic type-in traffic.

The names in our catalog represent an irreplaceable life's work. For the last twelve years, our team has slowly and methodically built one of the largest and most valuable privately owned collections of domain names on the Internet.

With tens of millions of monthly unique visitors, we have a collective audience larger than many of the largest sites on the Web.

We’re extremely excited about the collection we’ve managed to build. It’s like nothing else on the Internet.

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It is our desire to awaken innovators across the Web by helping them discover the power and value a premium domain name can bring their online presence.

Domain names are as prevalent and under-appreciated as the air we breathe and the water we drink. Nothing is more important online. Today more than ever, NAMedia recognizes the under-appreciated asset that domain names are.

As a privately owned company, we pride ourselves in putting our ideals ahead of profits. In operation nearly as long as the modern Internet, our core values remain unchanged and we do not bend from the high standards we hold ourselves to.

Better names. Better traffic.

These are the pillars our catalogue rests on. Our commitment to quality, generic domains and strong, organic traffic is something that will never waver.